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Electric Doner Kebab Machine and Kebab Slicer

Petra Equipments offering wide range of catering and restaurant equipments like freezer, meat slicer, butcher equipments, pizza equipments, Meat Slicer and Kebab Machine in whole Australia, NSW.

Now Introduce about Doner Kebab Machine, Kebab Slicer and  their features.

1. Electric Doner Kebab Machine and its Features

  • ELECTRIC Doner Kebab Machine Its a specially designed ceran glass placed in front of the heater prevents exhaust and crude gas (NO, CO, CO²) from penetrating the meat, improving quality & taste.Electric Doner Kebab Machine
  • Flat external surface of the glass ensure a large hygienic and clean cooking surface and prevents fat splashing on the heaters.
  • Ceran glass internal surface is enlarged by special design to absorb the heat in order to increase productivity.
  • Machine burning should be started from the bottom by automatic ignition.
  • The body can be moved forwards and backwards.
  • Foot pedal is optional.
  • Meat turning direction selector switch ensures easiness for left or right handed cut.
  • 632Wmm; 789Dmm; 1166Hmm
  • Skewer length in use: 770mm
  • Heat Capacity: 9.1kW, Max. Weight of meat: 75/90Kg, Tension: 230V or 400V, 3N, Cable Cut: 3×2.5 mm²,Heater: 5×1.5 mm²,Frequency: 50Hz, Net Weight:47Kg

2. Rotating Knife or Kebab Slicer for Doner Kebab Machines

Stainless steel rotating razor knives from England
• transformer isolated to safe voltage
• constructed of materials suitable for food contact
• conforms to CE standard
• adjustable thickness


Commercial Restaurant Equipments

There are Some of commercial restaurant equipments for start your restaurant business.

  • Commercial Refrigerators

No matter whether your restaurant is at a hotel, golf course, country club or just a concession stand or snack bar, commercial refrigerators will be a necessity. The products that you will need to consider include commercial freezers, under counter refrigerators, wine caves, beverage refrigerators.

  • Commercial Ovens

Many manufacturers offer many commercial ovens and grills that can be further subcategorized into deck ovens, barbecue roaster ovens and barbeque grills, countertop and conveyor ovens, char-broilers and convection ovens. It is important that you take proper time to come up with an efficient layout and SOPs of your restaurant kitchen so once in operation there things will flow smoothly with out employees crawling all over each other.

  • Bar Equipment

The bar restaurant equipment that you will need to operate a bar for a restaurant bar that will accommodate all of the levels of entertaining outlined in your business plan you will need cocktail shakers, jiggers, strainers and condiment caddy. If you are creating a fine dining restaurant, you may want to add an elegant touch with champagne beverage fountains and punch bowls. If you are looking to create more of the sports bar experience then you will be looking for portable beverage tubs, beer refrigerators and keg wraps. In addition, frozen drink machines can help you create better profits for you country club restaurant, golf course restaurant or sports bar.

  • Commercial Ice Machines

If you have never operated a restaurant before you will be surprised at how much ice you will need to satisfy your clientele. This is definitely an important piece of restaurant equipment to your operation. Manitowoc offers ice bins to make dice, cube, nugget, or flake ice for your restaurant, hotel, golf course, snack bar, concession stands, a bar or a resort complex.

  • Commercial Dishwasher

Again, as you look at laying out your restaurant, you will want to make sure that the dishwashing area is in a convenient place for your employees as well as well hidden from your customers. Proper placement of the dishwashing area is important to make sure your customers have a good experience as this area tends to be very loud and disruptive. Typically the dishwashing area is close to the cooking equipment to make it easier for the chefs and the cooks to access pots and etc. when needed. Obviously the larger pots and trays will not fit into the dishwasher so you will also need a sink with multiple wash basins.

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