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Tips for Setting up a Catering Business

If we rule out time spent on working and sleeping, the major part of our daily life is spent on eating. We need to allocate time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between meals and drinks. So much so that when there is a conference or meeting in office, provision for food or refreshments has to be made to placate the participants. Obviously, arranging food and drinks for a group of people assembled for meetings or social events on our own is neither practical nor economical.

Enter the caterer. Catering is a big business in Sydney these days. One just has to fix a menu with the caterers and they will do everything from cooking, supplying, serving to cleaning. For those who are deciding to launch the lucrative business of catering, here are some handy tips.

Planning: prepare an elaborate blue print on the proposed business model. This is the most important part of the whole exercise as a poorly planned project may fail at the initiation itself. It should include everything: 1) buying catering equipment, commercial dishwasher, kitchen equipment / utensils, refrigeration equipment, cutlery, hand-operated/automatic appliances, storage apparatuses, cleaning equipment and furniture; 2) engaging cooks, managers, servers and other staff; 3) and most difficult of all, deciding the cuisine and menu you are going to serve. Planning it yourself is better but it takes a lot of time, perhaps months. If you don’t have patience or time, the next best thing is to buy a ready project report, which can help you buy catering equipment in Sydney as well as to apply for a loan.

Finance: the business of catering requires a huge investment. Armed with a project report and all other documents, you can approach a bank or a financier for a loan that should cover the assets as well as the working capital.

Shopping: once the capital flows in, you have to scout for a reputed supplier of catering equipment Sydney and start to stock up all the necessary stuff and recruit the staff.

Marketing: Selling our services is perhaps the most difficult job. Start aggressive marketing in print and electronic media.

Execution: your first catering order can either make or mar your venture. A stamp of approval will get you going. Give your all in. You must have constant orders to pay your staff and service your loan.