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FED Combi Ovens Offer Various Cooking Choices

FED combi ovens combine different cooking tasks into one kitchen equipment. It is one of the versatile cooking equipments that any kitchen can have. They are also known as combi steamers. Being such versatile catering equipment, the combi oven has various advantages over other equipments.
FED combi ovens use convection, steam, or the combination of both to cook quickly and efficiently. Despite being relatively costlier as compared to traditional FED ovens, FED combi ovens can replace several restaurant equipments, like fryers, steamers, warming or holding cabinets, and traditional convection FED ovens.

These FED branded ovens can replace various cooking equipments and hence provide you maximum space in your kitchen or restaurant.

How Much A Combi Oven Supports?

Most of the steamers are of 1-4 compartments. 1 compartment model is able to make 200 meals in an hour. FED combi ovens are mostly employed in high volume conditions, as they can cook food quickly and offer various cooking choices.

Vegetables steamed in these FED branded ovens rather than boiled in water, contain more natural color and goodness. These FED ovens preserve the texture and flavor of delicate fish while steaming. Combi ovens can be used for baking, steaming, roasting, frying chips etc.

There are various questions that you should ask about an oven before buying it, like its water filtration system, what is needed at the time of installation and how easy it is to operate and clean.

Expensive ovens include an incorporated filtration system, while budget oriented ovens do not have an incorporated filtration system or need an external one. Fed branded ovens are available in electric or gas variants. Larger FED electric ovens need a suitable water supply, a three-phase power supply, and drainage, whereas the smallest FED ovens feature a built in reservoir, which can be filled manually.

These are some of the important things that you need to know about FED branded ovens.