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FED Combi Ovens Offer Various Cooking Choices

FED combi ovens combine different cooking tasks into one kitchen equipment. It is one of the versatile cooking equipments that any kitchen can have. They are also known as combi steamers. Being such versatile catering equipment, the combi oven has various advantages over other equipments.
FED combi ovens use convection, steam, or the combination of both to cook quickly and efficiently. Despite being relatively costlier as compared to traditional FED ovens, FED combi ovens can replace several restaurant equipments, like fryers, steamers, warming or holding cabinets, and traditional convection FED ovens.

These FED branded ovens can replace various cooking equipments and hence provide you maximum space in your kitchen or restaurant.

How Much A Combi Oven Supports?

Most of the steamers are of 1-4 compartments. 1 compartment model is able to make 200 meals in an hour. FED combi ovens are mostly employed in high volume conditions, as they can cook food quickly and offer various cooking choices.

Vegetables steamed in these FED branded ovens rather than boiled in water, contain more natural color and goodness. These FED ovens preserve the texture and flavor of delicate fish while steaming. Combi ovens can be used for baking, steaming, roasting, frying chips etc.

There are various questions that you should ask about an oven before buying it, like its water filtration system, what is needed at the time of installation and how easy it is to operate and clean.

Expensive ovens include an incorporated filtration system, while budget oriented ovens do not have an incorporated filtration system or need an external one. Fed branded ovens are available in electric or gas variants. Larger FED electric ovens need a suitable water supply, a three-phase power supply, and drainage, whereas the smallest FED ovens feature a built in reservoir, which can be filled manually.

These are some of the important things that you need to know about FED branded ovens.


Tips for Effective Working of a Commercial Dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher can be a costly affair if you do not take complete care of it. Buy a good quality dishwasher (preferably made of steel) and take good care of it-and you can relax for the next 20 years or even more!

But there are many restaurant owners who buy a commercial dishwasher in Sydney, use it under heavy loads, and do not give proper time for its maintenance. And as a result, these dishwashers break down very soon. In case you are looking for a device for commercial cleaning, make sure that you follow these tips for maintenance:


Before you put dishes in dishwasher, make sure you rinse them. A powerful sprayer would be enough for this task. Just install the spray over the kitchen sink and the dishes will not have any waste on them as they go in the dishwasher.


It is best to load the machine completely before starting it. Working on it with half load means waste of time and energy. This will also make sure that the dishwasher has to do less cycles. Thus there would be less cleaning to do, increasing the life of the machine.


Take care that the water temperature stays below 140o. There is no point in going above this temperature, and it will only waste the energy of the dishwasher. Any commercial dishwasher in Sydney would give best results if the water temperature is below 140o.


To keep the commercial dishwasher healthy, you need to pay attention to its filters that are used for commercial cleaning purposes. Check them regularly and clean them as they get dirty. The more you pay attention to them, the longer they will last, thus keeping your commercial dishwasher last long.


The rinse pressure should not be more than 15-25 pounds/inch2. An energy efficient commercial dishwasher in Sydney will save your money.

Buy Cooking Equipment to Make Cooking Easier!

Reliable cooking equipment is an integral part of a kitchen. Today the market is flooded with different types of equipments, some are very simple while others are complex and will reduce your cooking time drastically. We are sure that there must have been times when you might have prepared food with lots of love but it ended up tasting bad. If you have, then these equipments are an answer to your cooking problems. These appliances will actually make your life much easier and will improve your cooking as well.  If you are planning to buy new cooking equipment then there are a few things that you should keep in mind. When you go to a store you might be tempted to buy many types of equipment that you might not actually require in the long run. The best way to shop is to buy smart. Don’t get carried away and start buying something that you don’t even need.

The first thing is to make a list of cooking equipment that you already have. Then see what part of cooking takes a lot of time. Is it boiling, Heating, Mixing or Grinding? Once you know the problem area you can buy cooking equipment to tackle the problem. If you think that heating or boiling takes too much time you can opt for a pressure cooker. It will save you a lot of time.  When you go to a store, buy equipments that can be used in different ways and have many functions. There is no point in buying something that serves only one function and takes too much space unnecessarily. Don’t buy something that will use a lot of energy, you don’t want to end up with an appliance that helps you out in the kitchen but ends up raising your electricity bill drastically. The appliance should be able to work even if other electric appliances are running. Also while buying, look for some kind of hallmark that proves the quality of the equipment. Don’t mind spending on equipment that has multi functions and can reduce cooking time. If you keep the above points in mind you will definitely end up with a very good deal that you will be proud of!

Catering Equipment For Sale

In a catering or restaurant business, it is very important to have the right set of catering equipment to be able to deliver up to the expectations of the customers.

In the catering industry, it is all about margins. As such, it becomes all the more important to get a good deal on catering equipment to be able to run a successful catering business. There are many different choices available when it comes to buying catering equipment at a reasonable price. Perhaps, the best way to purchasing catering equipment for sale is to look for a competitive offer from many different manufacturers online having a wide variety of catering equipment for sale. Browsing through online catalogues can give you an idea of the right catering equipment and their prices in a very short period of time.

You must also browse through the classifieds section of your local newspapers to identify local manufacturers who might offer you a good deal. You will also be able to find used catering equipment for sale in the classifieds section and save a lot of money if you are able to identify the right deal.

While a new person in the industry might probably find the whole exercise a little scary at first, the search for the right catering equipment for sale at the right price soon becomes a challenge that catches the imagination as one gets the hang of it! All it takes is research and commitment to get the best possible price on catering equipment for sale.

How To Choose The Best Restaurant Equipments

Restaurant equipment defines your restaurant and is essential for a smooth operation of the restaurant. Whether you are thinking to start a new restaurant or replace the old with new, restaurant equipments always play a major role.

Restaurant equipment can be very expensive at times and require a great deal of care. Before you opt to buy any restaurant equipment it is always advised to do intensive market research about quality of the product, pricing and durability and then settle with the best. These equipments range from the basic cutlery to sophisticated machines, from cooking and cleaning products to furniture.

There are numerous companies across the globe which offer sale of a wide range of restaurant equipments at competitive prices but before you choose to negotiate with any one of these companies always make sure of your priorities. It’s always better to prepare a list of the equipments you need to buy. Any good seller would not only supply the products but also will provide installation, if required and information to maximize the utility of a product.

While choosing for products that help in preparation of food always buy those equipments which cut down the time for preparation of a dish. This will ensure that the food reaches fast to the customer and your reputations will see an increase in popularity. Restaurant business is based on hospitality, taste and quick services play a major role to make your business a success. For hospitality have a good staff, for taste hire a good chef but for quick services make sure you possess the best restaurant equipment.

Why Drink Display Fridge Is Essential For Your Food and Drink Business

Buying Drink Display Fridges is really important decision for people in Food and drink Industry no matter if you have shop, café or a restaurant. It saves lot of electricity as customers can wish to buy products without opening it. So energy consumption will be low as fridge will only open when you want to take out bottle.

Few branded Drink Display Fridge, their features and prices are as follows.

(1) F.E.D

Product Net Weight : 170.0000

Upright Display / Colourbond

MEPS APPROVED Display, Merchandising Or Drink Fridges

-Merchandiser or Drink fridge 2 to 5ºC* (colourbond)

-Ambient operating temperature of 35ºC -TWIN COMPRESSORS & EVAPORATORS -bottom mounted compressors

-fan-forced evaporator cooling

    -double glazed doors with air curtain defrost

    -extremely efficient self-closing doors

    • light inside

    • light box

    • one year warranty

    Dimensions: 1200W 690D 2000H mm

    Power: 240V; 400W

    Weight: 170 Kg

    Rent-Try-Buy® for $4.33 a day, Click here to apply ”

    Brand Name : FED

    Product Price : $ 2,090.00

    (2) ICEBLUE

    • Available in one, two or three door models
    • Forced draught refrigeration
    • Interior: colour bond with ABS coating ( none rust surface )
    • Exterior: colour bond
    • Electronic digital temperature display and control
    • Time saving and cost effective automatic defrost and automatic water disposal
    • CFC-free polyurethane insulation
    • Double glazed doors with heavy duty aluminium frame and handle
    • Rated for 35°C ambient working conditions
    • Temperature range 2°C ~ 5°C
    • Voltage 240 V . AC . Single phase
    • Refrigerant R 134a

    Brand Name : ICEBLUE

    Product Code : DDF-600

    Product Price : $ 2,418.00

    Pasta cooker, with making delicious pasta

    A Pasta Cooker might just be the solution your restaurant or kitchen needs if you find yourself in the position of spending too much time cooking pasta.

    When you put pasta on the stove to cook, you have to be right there to watch it, every single minute. There is no running to answer the phone or anything else because you are going to end up with a pot of clumpy, pasty and inedible starch and will either have to change your menu or start all over. With an automatic cooker, you put in the pasta and the water or broth, set the controls as directed and you are ready to go without worrying that you are going to get the right flavor and texture.

    You will need to make while selecting the perfect pasta cooker is you’ll need to know what your exact needs are. How much space do you have available in your kitchen is one important thing to think about. Commercial pasta cooker is very large in size and require a great deal of room and begin to think about how much space in your kitchen you can dedicate to a pasta cooker.