Tips on Buying Your Cake Display bar Fridge

A cake display bar fridge is different from the display fridge for drinks or meat products. The cake display bars is more elegant and meant to be placed in a visible, strategic place in your store. It also has layers, racks, and a very presentable interior to make you cakes look appetizing and expensive.

To help you sell cakes, you must try to get one of these cake chillers. Pick one that will compliment your interior. It does not have to be large provided you can fit in all your desserts that need chilling inside. This is your main marketing strategy for selling your cakes. If a person likes the way your cakes are decorated, they will buy either a slice or the whole cake. But you need to show them off properly. In this case, presentation is the key to selling your baked products.

Choose your display bar fridge based on the design. Most designs border around stainless steel glass encased chillers. The capacity can vary because of the number of trays or compartments it may have. You can enhance the display by adding a little decor to make it look prettier. Some have used fresh fruits, cake decor, flowers, etc to add a little flavor to their display. However keep it as simple as possible since the attention should be on the cakes and not the decor.

Be sure to clean the fridge often. Bacteria can thrive in cold temperature, and any spills or bits of frosting left on the fridge could lead to bacteria growth. You should clean both the interior and exterior to make sure it looks presentable and clean. No one will buy your cakes if the display case looks scraggy.

When buying your food display bars or other equipments, try to stick to the brand new units since they are covered with a full warranty. It will help if you experience a problem 6 to 8 months after buying it. This shouldn’t be the case if you bought a reputable brand, but it has been known to happen.

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