Food display bar with different storage

Butcher display bar: – Butcher-block counter tops and tables give a beautiful effect to any modern kitchen.The woods used include Maple, beech and ash. If you are giving your kitchen a makeover then think about replacing laminate top work surfaces with butcher-block ones. Butcher block is made from strips of wood glued together to look like one solid piece.

Cake Display Bar:-

If you have been inside a pastry shop or restaurant, then you have seen a cake display fridge. All display fridges for cakes are multi-layered which can be adjusted according to the height of your food items. You can also find compartments and racks for special smaller items that you would want to keep separate from the cakes, like salads and even ice cream.

Glass display cabinets: – Glass display cabinets are the perfect accompaniment to a wet bar. The bar area in the home may have some storage for glassware. The display cabinet being next to the bar area gives easy access to start pouring drinks into shot glasses. Large shot glass collections may require more than one cabinet. The shot glasses may be decorated with the name or picture of a past vacation destination, favorite sports team, favorite city, or birth place.

Homes with limited living areas can add bars for display in their dining rooms or main entertaining areas. Use these tips when selecting food display bar in Australia.

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